Served bold

Artwork details

Original signed and limited edition numbered artwork (series of 8). 2023.

Archival pigment inks on Canson Arches Aquarelle rag. Australian hardwood frame stained pencil grey by Neo Frames.

130 x 110cm

Winner, Ursula Hoff Institute Award 2023, Geelong Gallery

Revenge is not just a dish best served cold, but a rightful resilient act of defence served bold. Defence against the eruptive spray of toxic effervescence that persecutes the violated who dare to take a stand, in stark contrast to the indifference of the role of the perpetrator.

In the same way, the proposition of artificial intelligence is to present a lie to digest and consume, creating the possibility of reality as a lie. In the midst of our breaching the AI frontier, this image examines how our neurons connect and communicate with each other to create a visual reality. By colonising antique engravings with the cartographic calamity of motherboards, we are forced to reckon with the line between truth and unreality.

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